Why buy the Samsung Galaxy 7

Samsung Galaxy 7

The Samsung Galaxy 7 is designed with exclusive features that make it the best device ever manufactured by Samsung. The gadget comes with an integration of advanced hardware and software giving it the best performance. The phone is also featured with a quick charging system that enables its battery to attain up to 83 percent charge within the shortest time possible. The device is 4G network enabled, and it comes with a dual sim slot.

• The phone’s camera has an excellent quality

The phone’s camera has 12 megapixels, and it is capable of taking high-quality photos than cameras having high megapixels. The phone is built with a dual pixel technology that utilizes two light-sensitive photodiodes for each of the pixels. The front camera also produces photos with excellent quality. The camera has a LED flash together with an autofocus feature.

• The cell phone’s battery life is durable

The phone’s battery is 3,600 mAh and it is capable of charging within the shortest time. The phone’s battery can get fully charged within one hour. Another impressive feature of the phone’s charging system is its wireless charging system.

• The phone’s compact size is perfect

The phone’s screen size is customized to match the customer’s expectations. The screen is large enough to fit in the owners pocket comfortably.

• The phone has sufficient storage

The phone has a large built-in storage that can accommodate as many files as possible. The phone users can store as many photos as possible as well as home-made videos. Users can also install many applications on their phones. The Samsung Galaxy 7 is also built with a microSD slot. The microSD card gives users an extra 200 GB storage space.

• The phone has an appealing and perfect look

The phone is slim and good-looking. The phone’s size and shape is convenient for its users. \

· The cell phone has high quality sound provided by the front stereo speakers.

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