is the Iphone & a good Buy?

Recently apple shook the news headlines with the announcement of their new addition to the all too famous iPhone line-up, the iPhone 7 and 7 plus. Being available on the sixteenth of September this new iPhone model has some unusual twists that may make or break you hitting that pre-order button. This new iPhone is coming in 5 colors, rose-gold, gold, silver, black and the all new jet-black which while to be reported as a fingerprint magnet looks absolutely stunning. The first new feature which is long overdue from Apple is water and dust resistance in both new models. Although it may not make or break your decision to buy this iPhone it’s a long and overdue feature that can spare you from some awkward moments where rice is involved. Perhaps the most shocking decision for Apple this year is to stray away from the headphone jack we all know and love. Although the new Earpods now come with a lightning connector instead, worry not because included in the box is a headphone to lightning adapter so you can still use all your old headphones. You may notice the storage options also changed with a base option of 32 gigabytes going all the way up to 256 gigabytes. This is crucial since the introduction of 4K video recording in the iPhone 6s. The front-facing camera has also been upgraded to a 7-megapixel shooter and the new home button features the haptic engine which makes it feel like you’re pressing the button when you’re actually just applying pressure to the glass surface. Jam packed with stereo speakers and a quad-core processor made up with 2 performance cores and 2 low-performance cores which can run your applications much more energy efficiently this iPhone is undoubtedly a step in the right direction for apple and a solid purchase for you the consumer. Be sure to check out Appliance Repair Hempstead NY for repairs on your kitchen appliances. It is often cheaper to repair than purchase a new one. They do repairs on everything from dishwashers to refrigerators and ice machines to washer/dryer repairs all from a wide variety of brands. With a proven track record of quality service, they’re worth a look.

I phone 7 vs samsung 7

iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

Apple is trying to reclaim its place as the top smartphone to get this year, aiming to nudge out the Samsung Galaxy S7 with its own seventh iteration iPhone. We have to wonder if they are going to succeed. Will there be a titanic battle between these two phones to try and claim mastery over all, or is one just better than the other; and even more importantly, are either going to have an auto glass repair function for when I inevitably drop it?

Unfortunately, the iPhone 7 can’t lay claim to that boast, being just a new phone with improvements to battery life and graphics chip. That means that when you want to play your more high-end apps, you are going to get them in glorious 4k resolution. That’s not the only great thing, what with all of the enhanced capabilities that it’s going to boast. Sadly, I have to take a lot of points off the iPhone 7 because of one fatal flaw; it doesn’t have a headphone jack. So unless they decide to hand out their new Bluetooth headphones along with the phone, they’re going to lose a lot of customers.

The Galaxy S7 doesn’t plan on going down without a fight, too, so they’re going to be quite a bit of trouble for the iPhone in that case. Hands down the most important thing you should know about them is, of course, that they have headphone jacks. With that they’ve already pulled ahead of the iPhone 7, just thanks to not making that decision. On top of that they’ve got the most responsive touch screen, nearly all of the same features as the iPhone, and a great deal of trust from customers because they’ve not made any really poor choices.

Now, unfortunately, neither of the phones can claim to have an auto glass repair function, but we can cross our fingers for next year. Until then, the debate is picking up between whether or not you want to get the iPhone 7 or the Galaxy S7, and as a result you need to keep your ears to the ground and find out everything you can before you make a decision.