Amazon and New Voice Control Options

One of the hottest new gift ideas recently has been products that support voice commands. One of the more popular products is Alexa, a cloud-based voice service from Amazon. Consumers can use Alexa in conjunction with millions of devices both from Amazon and other manufacturers. Alexa allows a user to build a natural voice experience, giving customers an intuitive way to directly interact with every day technology. I recently purchased an Amazon Echo for a friend that does appliance repair Edison, NJ for his business. He has been amazed at how much he gets from using Alexa in the office. This new technology is amazing for individuals and businesses alike.

Enough about that, though. We’re here to discuss some of the new options that Amazon is bringing out for the public. If you own a Fire TV, you can already use voice commands to control some of the video playback options with Alexa. Amazon is poised to take this to an entirely new level, though. They have recently partnered with several other companies that will add Alexa support through a video skills Kit applied to their video apps. Some of these companies are well known, such as Showtime, Bravo, CBS All Access, PlayStation Vue, Hulu, and many NBC apps. Simply put, you may simply need to speak to Alexa to switch channels or skip backwards on your favorite show.

This progress is coming quicker than you may think, too. In fact, Hulu has claimed that the support is coming sometime this fall. Though anyone watching this kind of technology could see this coming down the pipes, this news is still very welcome. It’s encouraging to see Amazon welcome other video services into its fold. This means you no longer need to subscribe to Prime video to get the full effect of Alexa anymore.